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Murder in a Small Town, Part 1

This is the first of a 2 part documentary that I produced for Radio National's Earshot program.
In 1990, my school friend's mother Irene was murdered on a farm just outside the small country town where I grew up. This event, and the weeks that followed, have always haunted me. In this radio documentary I go back to my hometown, and try to understand what happened that day, and the impact Irene's death had on myself and my community.

Irene with 4 kids

Murder in a Small Town, Part 2

In Part 2 of this radio documentary I reconnect with my old friend Veronica, whose mother was murdered in 1990 just outside our hometown, The Rock. I hear from Veronica and her family, and learn more about the ongoing impacts of thier loss. 
This piece was produced for ABC RN's Earshot program.


The Choir Men

In December 2012 The Wagga City Rugby Male Choir and inmates from the Junee Correctional Centre got together for a singing workshop in the jail. It was an experience that challenged both groups of men and their ideas about each other and led to some unexpected insights.

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Tobhi and Dan's Imperfect Proposal

A young couple fall quickly, and desperately, in love, and a romantic proposal is soon in the works. And then the trouble begins.....
This piece was orginlally produced for the New York based online publication Narratively. It has also featured on NPR's Snap Judgment and RN's Pocketdocs.
Music credits: ‘Careful Diagrams’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott; ‘Imaginary Friend’ by johnny_ripper; ‘Under Glass’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott; ‘Ice Machines’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott; ‘How do I say goodbye’ by Cameron Emerson-Elliott.




Zen and the Art of Whip Cracking

A whip cracking extraordinaire finds herself in an unexpected showdown in the back streets of Darwin by night.


A Night to Forget

Wade isn't the kind of guy to go looking for a fight.... But, when he came across a bunch of drunk guys at Schoolies harassing a group of girls, he felt the need to act. What followed was the beginning to the worst night of his life.


The Scally Wag and the Saint

A nun and an ex criminal team up each Christmas and reach out to some of the loneliest people in the community. A story of an unlikely duo, who are in their own way, a kind of Christmas miracle. 


The Settlement

This radio documentary explores the effects of gentrification on an inner city neighbourhood and how community politics can get a little crazy. 


That Girl (All the Best)

I was the Supervising Producer on this program for FBi Radio's All the Best. We wanted to share stories about abortion and invite conversations about all the different shades to the experience of getting a termination. Decisions that can involve doubt, relief, anger and even a little bit of humour. 


That Summer of 75

In the Summer of 1975 a teenage girl decided to learn how to surf. In this radio piece She Hawkes reflects on the traumatic consequences that came from this transgression of Australian surf culture in the 1970s and how she later reclaimed her love for the ocean.


Imaginary Friends

This radio documentary is a personal story where, inspired by my son’s imaginary dog Puppy, I revisit my own childhood imaginary friends.