making radio


edit boothJPGThis has been my home for last few months- an editing cave at the ABC in Sydney.

I’ve been working on a 2 part radio documentary for ABC Radio National’s Earshot. It’s about a time from my childhood that’s always haunted me. In 1990 my school friend’s mother was murdered on their farm outside the small country town where I grew up. Over the last year, I’ve gone back to where it all happened, and have explored how the event affected the community and the families involved.



It’s been a long and involved process, so doing the final mix this week feels big. I’m working with Andrei Shabunov, one of the awesome sound engineers at the ABC.

mixing with andre 3

This is perhaps the most exciting part of the process, witnessing the magic that brings all the sounds to life! Almost there…

The programs will be broadcast later this year.