The Australian Audio Guide

I’m very excited about the launch of the Australian Audio Guide – a partnership project between Audiocraft and the Wheeler Centre.

The Guide is an online curation of great Aussie podcasts – a place to discover locally produced content, and find out more about the makers. It’s a work in progress, and we’re adding to it regularly, but it’s nice to have such a great collection of local content in the one place. With so many great podcasts being made around the world, it’s nice to reflect on what’s happening here, and I’m excited to hear how local producers respond to the increasing demand for more great audio.

My co-editor Jon Tjhia (Digital Manager at the Wheeler Centre) and I have been working pretty hard on this project – along with web designer Connor O’Brien – for the last few months, so it’s been fun to finally share it with the world. We were lucky enough to visit the US recently and we spread the word at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. We also spoke with Julie Shapiro (Executive Producer of Radiotopia) at the PRX Podcast Garage in Boston.

We’ve kind of been flying the flag for Aussie podcasts. We wrote an article for The Guardian featuring 7 of our favourite Australian podcasts, and I spoke about the Guide and other nerdy things on RN Afternoons.


Talking Australian audio at the Podcast Garage in Boston with Jon Tjhia , Julie Shapiro, and Anzac the Koala.