Make Nice- a conference for creative women

I had a fabulous time at Make Nice, the first Australian un-conference for Creative Women in Sydney, June 2016.




It was great to hear from some incredible power house ladies doing amazing things in their creative industries. Some highlights for me were listening to design goddesses Leslie David (France) and Adi Goodrich (US) talking about how they keep pushing their creative boundaries. And we all had some serious fire in the belly after a panel discussion with  Jess Scully, Elizabeth WeinbergSuzy Tuxen, and Niccola Phillips (pictured below).  Another favourite was the un-conferencing breakaway discussions which covered all the biz stuff. I led a round table discussion on not-gross networking, which was decidedly not gross, and extremely fun!

It was so good to have 2 full days to think about getting inspired, keeping inspired, and how to juggle the many hats you need to wear when you’re running your own creative thing. I’m already keeping my eyes peeled for future events!